Our current 2025 schedule includes:

Costa Rica (Feb 1-10)
Portugal (May 1-15) 

Let's tailor your experience

We are avid travelers! 

Our previous destinations include:
Mexico; Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Mayan Riviera 
Bali, Las Vegas, California, Costa Rica , Cuba, Jamaica 
Hawaii, Ireland, Scotland , Las Vegas , California 

Our 2025 schedule includes:
Costa Rica - February
Portugal - May

starting at $2000 


we can travel to your forever after

there's wind beneath our wings

We LOVE to adventure!! 

Everyone loves a beach vacation, but we LOVE adventure trips! I'm a history nut and love to see all the historic structures and hear the stories behind them! We also try and do our own photoshoots where ever we go, because who wouldn't want great pictures of their amazing vacation! 

When we're hired for travel photography, we take our complete gear kit with multiple bodies, lenses and lighting equipment along with our drone for those amazing drone shots... yes every drone shot featured here is ours!